Island on a mirror – Lake Eyre…

This is another image from one of the chartered flights with WrightsAir that I took whilst up at Lake Eyre, this once again with the door up for cleaner shooting. On this particular day it was idyllically perfect out on the lake with not a breath of wind making the shallow surface like a mirror with a myriad of colours. Just add a few cool clouds and my breath was well and truly taken away!

‘ Island on a mirror – SA ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on August 15, 2012.

10 Responses to “Island on a mirror – Lake Eyre…”

  1. Fantastic depth on this one Tony, nice work!

  2. Amazing scene. Great horizon.

  3. Incredible looking place, great shots Tony!

  4. clean and sharp mate, nice work

  5. Wow Tony, you get to some amazing places….
    This one is a stunner! The horizon plays with your sense of perspective…. The gradation of colour is beautiful. You must be so proud of this one!

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