Forest of light…

On a cold, wet and misty day in the rainforest. Andrew Brown and myself weren’t to be deterred by constant rain/showers and got out amongst it regardless. We got home drenched but with a few images each. This is one that i feel pretty content with from the day.

‘ Forest of light – Vic.’


~ by Tony Middleton on September 21, 2011.

12 Responses to “Forest of light…”

  1. Yarra ranges?

    So many beautiful shades of green. The textures are also rich.

    In a word: ‘fresh’

  2. Nice one Tony, always difficult to make photographic order out of chaos and very gratifying when you do!

  3. Very nice and sharp Tony. is that ray of light real?????

  4. Love it Tony. Reminds me of some of the Tasmanian photos that I was looking at last year. Wish I was there shooting right now.


  5. Spot on mate, certainly has a wilderness feel about it

  6. superb image Tony, as Tim said making a simple image from a busy scene is incredibly hard. you however seem to make it seem simple time and time again

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