Red doors…

I’ve posted a number of wilderness and rural images lately so I though I’d break things up a little with this shot of these cool old doors that I found a little while ago. I get a laugh out of the 10km/h speed limit sign and the handle.

‘ The red doors ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 5, 2011.

14 Responses to “Red doors…”

  1. Love the colours and simplicity of this shot Tony, very cool.

  2. That handle is cool. Kind of reminds me of the talking knockers from that Jim Henson movie Labyrinth 🙂

  3. Very cool shot mate!

  4. N5ce simple effective shot Tony, great tones!

    • Cheers Tim – it’s pretty vibrant isn’t, it’s certainly a bold set of doors !

  5. Very nice Tony

  6. There is certainly something about old painted timber doors that get the imagination going, I remember Christian posted some green doors a while ago now but it made me look twice and wonder what was beyond them. sounds a bit silly but thats how it worked for me……. oh these doors had the same effect so it must be a great shot Tone.

    • hi Hodgy – I’m glad that you like this image and it has stirred such thoughts, I couldn’t resist these oldies as you stated. Those big old strap hinges are cool too.


      • Hey Tone, I found some old red doors right here in Northam today but I will wait for some nice light to snap a shot of my own. ” I’m inspired “

      • That sounds great Hodgy – I look fwd to seeing these other red doors when the day comes.

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