This one is from a few years ago and is a 5:4 crop from a 6×17 image that I shot on the Great Barrier Reef. One thing for sure is it’s not the easiest camera to shoot well with hand held from a sea plane ! Just trying to keep the big wide baby remotely level whilst hand held from in itself can be a mission yet alone bouncing about in a plane/chopper. I used a 400 ISO film and a shutter speed of 1/500 to keep the shot sharp.

Thanks to Luke Austin for getting this image back to me.

‘ Great Barrier Reef ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on March 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Reef…”

  1. This is a neat image Tony. Love the colours, and (from the online size) it looks crisp and clean. I am sure it would look really great up on my wall hehe..


    • hi Jeremy,
      Glad you like it mate, with overcast weather outside here, I wish I was there right now 🙂

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