Granite guardians…

I’ve had a big day today so not much writing inspiration to go with this post… I’ve always loved these three balancing boulders that overlook this scene like guardians.

‘ Granite guardians ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on March 10, 2011.

16 Responses to “Granite guardians…”

  1. You’re having big days everyday Tony, you are posting like a man possessed !! 🙂

    Putting up some winner’s though.

  2. Yep that works mate and I concur with the Mervman in that you are putting up winners!

  3. It’s a winner!

  4. Majestic!

  5. magical photo Tony

  6. nice mate, seem to be having a ‘Prom off’ at the moment

  7. Great image mate, that light is awesome.

  8. Great shot again Tony

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