peach pileus…

After the heat of the earlier part of the week some moisture from ex TC Anthony  was advected down to the SE of the continent and the first signs of this was an increase in DP’s and humidity. This is an image of some convection on sunset. The illuminated pileus at the top of this updraught caught my eye and begged me to snap a shot of it.


‘ peach pileus ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on February 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “peach pileus…”

  1. Awesome cloud formation mate its a cracker

    • thanks Philbo ! Keep an eye out for pileus next time you see some convective towers going up – it’s pretty cool !

  2. Great cloud formation Tony, I agree it totally is begging for a shot or two. Also may look really cool as a bw conversion. Sure is a change from the feet and feet of snow and negative temps I have around here.


    • hi Jeremy,
      Yeah I couldn’t resist it, had to shoot it with that glow on top.
      Brr… winter (i’m not a fan) but there are infinite photographic opportunities that come with it 🙂


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