the spout…

Time for something a bit less summery and add some rainforest freshness and vibrancy. I found this little spot by scrambling and exploring upstream in a cool temperate rainforest river. The moss festooned boulders were gorgeous and when I spotted this tiny little tributary spout delicately plunging into a sand and fools gold lined pool I really felt I was somewhere special.

‘ the spout ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on February 3, 2011.

18 Responses to “the spout…”

  1. Very nice mate…looks like the rocks are having a wee!

  2. gorgeous moss, laser water and liquid gold

  3. Great image Tony.

  4. Stunning mate, Im yet to see places like this with my own eyes and when I do I doubt I will want to leave. Its too dry over here in WA The colour is awesome. Great capture cheers Adrian

    • I’m sure you’ll get there Adrian… and I concur that you won’t want to leave when you do 🙂


  5. You have captured your feelings on this place well Tony, really nice shot.

  6. while i’m still saddened about what happened with you last year Tony, and wish so much you had your images back. I’m loving this new found (re-found) enthusiasm and passion. So glad you went this way, and not the way so many people would and just give up. Show’s your true character!! 🙂 Love all of your latest images, and this is no exception hey. You already know I’ve got a weak spot for moss riddled creeks and this is a freekin beauty!! 😀

    • hey Stephen – I’ll be honest it’s a battle at times and things are extra tight financially, but these pieces of shit may have taken my possessions, money, things I love and whatever more but they will NEVER take my passions and what I love to do in life. (just stalled things a bit – haha/grr ). And with the support of my family, friends and bloggers it’s made a difference.

      Thanks very much and stoked you like the image mate 🙂

  7. Sublime! Well worth the scramble.

  8. Absolutely beautiful work! 🙂

  9. Great Shot Tony! I really like this one.

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