5 of 6…

This is another image from the collection of six that I retrieved from the lab. I guess these are just part of an entire portfolio of work that I had held back from the blog for a website redevelopment that was 95% complete last yr. So you guys never really got to see a lot of my work that I endeared most. But at least there are a few left !


‘Teetering defiance – Vic’




~ by Tony Middleton on January 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “5 of 6…”

  1. Very nice indeed Toneman….see the collection is rebuilding fast eh!

  2. Awesome work Tone, love the water and the simplicity.
    Long exposure at night, light painting the turret could be good too.

    • Thanks Tom – yeah this one the concept was about simplicity and minimalism if possible. I know what you are saying as I have had a number of ideas and attempts over the years down that way.

  3. Great image Tony. It’s is a shame the world didn’t get to see the lost images they were amazing. But I know you will produce a cracking collection of new imsges in no time.

  4. Stunning Tone. Put some more of these together and you will be hosting your own workshops

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