This shot works better as a B&W and is in fact what I had in mind when heading out shooting this particular afternoon. This one’s a single frame from the trusty 5DII so it made for a nice simple small file to work with for a change.

Like so many places, I am yet to get a shot from this location that I’m truly happy with. Until then I feel this image is ‘blogworthy’ enough…so I guess the quest continues…

‘ remains  –  Canon 5DII ’

~ by Tony Middleton on March 19, 2010.

11 Responses to “remains…”

  1. just came by via the “photography” tag. i think the smooth, uniform, milky look of the water contrasts really nicely with the layered, almost striated sky. i like it.

  2. Hey Tony, nice simple B&W. Enjoy your weekend mate

  3. Nice Tone!

    Next time you see an image like this try and get the fist pole to start from the bottom diagonal and then angle the image to go off to the other diagonal and see how that looks.

    Les Walkling preaches the benefits of diagonals a lot and when I have thought to include them in my compositions it certainly works for some reason!

    In saying all that, I still like this image a lot!



  4. Beautiful work Tony. You really have captured the mood. The composition is brilliant, and the angles of the poles not only create visual interest, but draw your eye in and around this image. This image perfectly balanced, and superbly captured.
    Mark, I would have to disagree with your comment regarding the poles starting diagonally. This would be an obvious choice for most photographers. tony continues to push the boundaries with his compositions, and seduces his audience timeless perfection.

  5. Love this shot Tone!!!

    Diagonally simply wouldn’t work with this composition, I like how it leads you through the shot to the horizon perfectly…another stunning piece!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone !
    In recent times I’ve been going through a bit of a simplistic/minimalist landscape phase again.
    So although this is no where near being a shot that I’m stoked with, hence its ‘blog’ shot. It’s more just something I salvaged from a ‘bust’ of a shoot as there was no light at all that evening. So it’s great to read that people still like it. 🙂
    It’s also great to see some new faces and regular readers thoughts that may not have commented before on here – thank you 🙂

  7. Image works mate, especially b&w. If I was taking the photo then we’d be in each others way I reckon.

    • haha – there wasn’t much room on the rocks I was on either… I definitely wasn’t going in the mud for that light 🙂

  8. Cool shot Tony. Where is this by the way?

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