Boolimba bluff vertical

Undecided what to post on the blog, I have ended up throwing up a vertical pan from a few months ago. I deliberately didn’t use grads here on the sky wanting a clean, pure and simple type look. Here it is in all it’s hygienic bliss 🙂    Some may like it…some may not – what’s new ?!

‘ Boolimba bluff  –  Qld. central highlands ’

~ by Tony Middleton on January 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Boolimba bluff vertical”

  1. Hi Tony and happy new year, good to see you back blogging! I am a bit slow on commenting, internet sucks here in Thailand.

    I like this one, I do wish for a bit of sky here though, it does appear a little too white for me.

    • hey Flem,
      I thought internet access etc was scarce for you over there…not to worry about apologising mate !


  2. HI TONE,

    I think the clean look works mate…nice!



  3. Looks good to me Tone, I think the detail in the foreground holds the image nicely.


    • thanks for your feedback Michael – I’m with you, I shot it with grads as well and it was pretty bright and bland (that white/light blue hue you sometimes get on a hazy’ish dawn) so I’m happier with this version too.


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