river redgums…

Time for a new post on the blog ! This is a shot from up the Murray river – it’s such a beautiful river and with all the wildlife that abounds in the redgum forests that still line it’s banks in many places. So it’s very frustrating and sad to see and read about how it is in such poor health and declining !

I loved camping here and play of the dappled light rising through the forest on to the lush green floor was something I was really captivated by.

river redgum forest

‘ river redgum forest  –  Murray river, Vic. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on October 18, 2009.

13 Responses to “river redgums…”

  1. wow.. that place looks beautiful

  2. Gorgeous stuff Tony, very “Terrence Malick” (since I just watched the extended cut of The New World). Perhaps a touch too hot highlights that could maybe be toned down just a bit?

  3. Like the dappled light mate, nice image. Looks lush up there at the moment which is great.

  4. that’s a very nice perspective Tony 🙂 I like that I’m looking through the trees. I’ve only camped at the Murray once, I must admit the no-toilet-no-shower-no-water thing wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. But it was a very nice spot

  5. Nice capture Tony, the light is beautiful and it looks like everything is very green. Lovely spot for camping.

  6. hi Flem – It was very pretty and yeah potentially they may be viewed as a slight touch bright, though I did like the look of the notably dappled light and even the esposure and processing to best keep it ‘real’ in my eyes.

    Thanks Andrew – yeah it was pretty green and delightful looking !

    Katie – yeah I took a few shots trying to capture it and felt that this actual composition best represented my emotions about the place and light.

    hi Michael – yeah it’s a wicked spot with loads of birdlife, koalas, roos etc plus the mighty river only about 35m from that shot !

    cheers and thanks all 🙂

  7. Great shot Tony, nothing nicer than massive river reds.
    Whenever I travel through Redgum country, my minds imagines what big expanses would have once existed before they were logged, heaped and burnt. I must try and get a redgum shot soon.


    • hi Tom – yeah they are magic forests in their own right aren’t they ! This was not the type of shot that I had in mind before this trip that is for sure… but I just loved the play of light on the lush grass and I managed to eventually find a spot that I thought a composition would work.

  8. wonderful playful light – i feel like rolling out a picnic rug! i’ve been on the lookout for some good Murray River scenes – i don’t see them that often. Mum’s from Mildura and i used to spend summer breaks up there with my grandparents – would be great to revisit to photograph some of the places they took me to.

    • hi Cain,
      Yeah I know what you mean…it was a beautiful day too ! I ended up h\’hunting about a fair bit before I found this particular spot – I’m sure glad I did and hope to return some w/e.

  9. this is the most beautiful use of natural light i’ve ever seen tony, really amazing photograph..i’m inspired

    in response to your question; i don’t know what the plant is, although we have at least 10 in our front garden.. they are a bush of some sort 🙂
    & rather fragrancy

    • Hi chloe,
      Yeah it was awesome and thanks for such great words !

      Ok so the bush is prolific and smells…nicely I hope ! 😀

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