Guardian rocks…

 A bit of a step back in excitement or adventure from recent posts, but this is another shot from a few years ago. This time it is of some nice light hitting some granite boulders overlooking Rose bay in NQ. I lived just near here and I always thought that these boulders were like guardians overseeing the small bay and plains below.  Mmm at the warmth of the tropics…I am really missing it atm with the ongoing winter (which has been mild and dry to date really for this far south). I miss a number of things from this period of my life – but I have the memories and a truckload of images !

 As I am looking back through some work, once again a smallish low res scan from a few years ago with next to no adjustments, shot on Velvia 50 of course…

rose bay guardians

‘ Guardian rocks, NQ  – velvia 50 ’ 

~ by Tony Middleton on August 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Guardian rocks…”

  1. They do look like guardians and that looks like a very nice place to live! I love the tropics, don’t plan on leaving much the next time I get south of tropicorn of cancer!

    • hey Flemming – it was awesome and being able to snorkle coral reefs daily was a dream for me. Your site upgrades look fantastic and everyone should get to Flemming’s blog via here and find the link and check it out !

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