If there is to be a beneficial facet to the fire season in Victoria and 2009 in particular then it’s some of the light and photographic opportunities that arise. With the first sun rays of the day having to fight their way through thick smoke before kissing this coastal grass. The muted light slowly carresses the landscape in what becomes a drawn out passionate affair lasting much longer than most other twilights. Like many other mornings lately there are no clouds at all in the sky – just huge plumes of smoke. 


‘fields of gold’ – 4 image stitch, Canon EOS 5D mkII.


~ by Tony Middleton on February 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “positives…”

  1. beautiful photography(!) i too have seen photograph opportunites amongst the tragedy

  2. Nice one Tony, some gorgeous light there, sky has that fire hazy look to it. Is your new header from one of the burnt areas? It’s very eerie.

  3. 4 image stitch – would have been challenging with the moving grass. the filtered sun light has definitely been eerie of late.

  4. Nice mate, yeah we had some golden glows last week, couldn’t be bother going to photograph though. Looks like the Prom is nearly gone.

  5. Chloe – thanks for taking a look. Get out there with your D90 and grab a few images on how you see it.

    Flemming – Yeah that is a massive smoke plume in the background not a cloud bank. You are correct in regards to the header image, it’s one from this season.

    Cain – It was almost deadcalm on the clifftops that morning so it double as an opportunity to shoot the grasses…something I had been wanting to do for a long time.

    Tom – cheers mate ! couldn’t be bothered ? awww..I thought that your new cam would have had you chaffing at the bit ? yep lots of the prom is burnt…but still plenty there (unburnt or to burn – whichever way you want to look at it). But it will be awesome when it re-opens and nature ‘does it’s thing’. 🙂

  6. lovely golden glow Tony.

    hope the next few days go ok for you.
    can’t tell if our media is exaggerating (of all the times-it’s times like these you wish they were!!), but it doesn’t sound good in the next few days for you again on the fire front 😦 take care

  7. Thanks Stephen – yeah the media is pretty hard to read sometimes…I think the media and most of Vic is a bit on edge after the tragic events of Feb 7 and its seems a bit of a ‘hair trigger’ in place to a certain degree.. No doubting there is potential with the Vic bush so dry and next to no rain this year…As we move towards autumn and stronger wind changes are possible. But the incredible conditi ons of Feb 7 itself don’t occur to regularly (45-49C,single figure humidity and gusts to 100+km/h with a 90degree wind chnage).

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