two in every crowd…

As a follow on from my previous post I thought that I would add another composition along the same theme. So as to not compare the photographs I think this one is quite different. It’sperhaps a bit more abstract than landscape which is what I was aiming for… all be it the main subject is still snow gums.

 Just like people the snow gums (as do boabs – adansonia gregorii) have individuals with unique personality and character. Individuals that want to and do stand out from the crowd. In this example I found two loudly dressed young specimans striving to be seen apart from the rest of the ‘grey race’ in their morbid business suits…


‘two in every crowd’ – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.

~ by Tony Middleton on November 24, 2008.

13 Responses to “two in every crowd…”

  1. hey Tony
    i really prefer th…..
    sorry, i won’t do that to ya 😛

    nah this is stunning. those 2 trees are like magnets. they really draw me in. the markings are just awesome!

  2. Tony great shot and very moody with the mist in the air, by chance did you get the base of the trees in another shot, I guess its like cutting off people feet. Although the colors in the trees are really nice and adds to the shot.

  3. Another great shot mate but my favourite would be the previous post tree shots

  4. Another gorgeous shot mate, brilliant light and those snow gums are so photogenic.

    Great work spotting this composition with the 2 young dress-to-impress gums!

  5. Wow, that yellow almost doesn’t look real and contrasts nicely with the foggy scene. It creates a good focal point from the otherwise chaotic forest.

  6. Stephen – haha. thanks mate 🙂

    Casey – cheers, I guess like people these ones had unphotogenic feet (to me anyway). So I liked the idea of a little bit more of an abstract type composition.

    Kirk – as always thanks for your comment and view.

    Flemming – I’m glad you like more gum trees. 😉

    Cody – thanks mate – yep I was wrapped on finding this scene !

  7. Very nice Tony,
    I really like the wall of trees.
    Very hard to find the perfect forest to photograph.

    Great work.

  8. thank you Tom – that’s very true !

  9. Nice new header image mate .
    Where was that taken ?
    Water looks crystal clear

  10. wow, yeah, very nice!
    i know you don’t like giving away your secret locations but that you have to share. 🙂

    and why does that not have a post by itself!!??

  11. Kirk and Stephen – thanks for the comment on the header image. I guess I get lazy and find it easier to change the header than to do a post. Plus I like my blog looking fresh by changing it quite regularly.
    This one is in the Witsunday from when I lived up there last year. quite an exotic spot ! 🙂

  12. Love the image and feeling of this image Tony, would be my favorite of yours.

  13. thanks for the feedback Neal – glad you like it mate !

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