time in the tropics…

 I like to shoot vertical panoramas, maybe because it is a somewhat less conventional use of the format. It’s true that not as many subjects work with this composition. It can also be hard to compose such a format, especially with a minimum focus of 3m from my Fuji. But…none the less I persist and enjoy it.

 This is a shot from some of my recent in the tropics. When in a rainforest, just like if I am in the desert,mountains or on a rugged inspiring coastline I can not help but immerse and lose myself within my environment. Here inside a rainforest it’s more likely to be the abundance and majesty of life rather than the play of light that has me mesmerised. No matter where you go water is the key to life – the life giver. Here is no different.

Araluen falls – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.


~ by Tony Middleton on October 31, 2008.

16 Responses to “time in the tropics…”

  1. Great shot mate
    love the colors and compositon with this shot

  2. Great shot Tony, I love both the vertical format, but more so waterfall photographs, I am not sure why but I am just drawn to them. I have done this for as long as I can recall. One of my favorite shots was taken in the Atherton Tablelands and its with the same color that you have captured here that I enjoy looking at your photo of this waterfall. Also great composition as well Tony by putting the ledge in the foreground, and would I be correct in saying you used a polarizer as you can see into the depths of the water.

    Again great shot Tony.

  3. I like how you push the 617 and try and get some nice verticals too. Pretty hard to fill that 6×17 frame either way but especially vertical since DOF is a limited.

    This is nice mate, but I’m sorry…waterfall photos are one of my pet hates 😀 Can’t believe you shot a water fall 😀

    I know everyone is spellbound by waterfalls (except me, I don’t get it. It’s water. Falling. It’s gravity working) and I’m sure the waterfall photos sell well but…every gallery you go to in Australia has bloody boring long exposure waterfalls everywhere 🙂 Sorry, just one of my pet hates. I know everyone else loves ’em 😀

  4. Kirk – thanks mate, it was good to get to ‘work’.

    Casey – cheers, I’ll have a browse through your work for the shot you talk about when I get a chance. and yep I used a polariser.

    Flemming – I know you don’t like them and that’s why I posted this on MY blog.. 🙂 Please don’t ever get a dog – your hatred for pets will hurt his feelings… 🙂 Perhaps we have waterfall shots because it’s part of the diversity of our awesome country.It illustrate that its not all desert…hehehee

  5. Cool shot and perfect for a pano.

    3m min focus? I can see how that can cause some difficulties while shooting vertical. What lens? 180mm?

    There are waterfalls in Australia? 😉

  6. Tony yet again I have to comment about the awesome shot you have as your banner, wow I love it, it a wonder you didnt get cooked from the fire.

  7. Sorry if I went a bit overboard with my rant about waterfalls 🙂 Just having a bit of a laugh 🙂

  8. http://www.caseysmith.com.au/image.php?prodId=369&starLoc=QLD-cairns

    This is the shot I am talking about Tony, it took me about 30 mins to find the best composition and as you can see on my FB photo folder a framed 40 inch in my computer room hanging beside me.

  9. Great shot Tony. Very well composed. Unlike Flemming I love waterfall shots.

    Also.. thanks for adding me to your blog, I just spotted it. I appreciate it. Cheers.

  10. Cody – cheers for the comment mate, my Fuji has a 105mm.

    Flem – np’s mate – was just playing back at you as well.

    Casey – I’m glad you like it… as I do too. Nice vibrant image that one of yours as well !

    Luke – thansk for stopping by. I’m glad you like it ! (unlike Flemming) 🙂

  11. Hate it mate, hate it 😀 I’m not a big fan of water in general so a word of warning to anyone going bush camping with me – I was born in the country and like being an authentic dusty smelly countryboy ;D

  12. hey Tony.
    didn’t realize you had a blog running! I had been wondering for a while why you didn’t. Love looking at your shots, and the blog is great to put more of a story with the images then red bubble. I enjoy hearing about the shot too. Thanks for putting me on your list too, I’ll get you on mine now I know you have one 🙂

    Flem, how can you not like this!!?? You crazy!! 😛
    This is awesome Tony. I don’t even want to think how hard it would have been to compose this shot!! I’m not fully aware of whats at the location but I struggle to think of how you could have composed it any better (going on what I can see here). I really, really like it.

  13. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the comment – the blog has been running now for about 7months I guess. Have a browse through my archives if you like.
    The fixed 105mm lens with 3m min focus makes the camera hard to compose in tight/rainforest type scenes which is a pain at times as I love these environments and photographing them. I took some more last week from some Rainforests down this way so I’ll see how they worked out this week. 🙂

    Flemming is just a bit nutty sometimes – but his love for the aussie outback makes up for it… haha 🙂

  14. Would be bloody boring being “normal” anyway 😀 And I am obsessed with the outback, especially the part with no waterfalls 😀

  15. Fantastic! Why am I never on your blog?

  16. I’m not sure Dylan…You have been linked on my blogroll for quite a while ! cheers for stopping by.

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