2013 – update…

Hi all readers,

Thanks for sticking through what has really been a lean period of blog posting! I have been very busy of late which is a good thing right!? But I know most of you would just like to see new images instead of reading about current and recent exhibitions, new websites and where I have been travelling to shoot (unless of course I post images of the said travels!).

Well to tidy up a few details on the above, I still have an exhibition running for the rest of this month at Phillip Island Winery  (Phillip Island, Vic) – it’s a great spot and if you don’t feel more relaxed  there than at your best friend’s house I’d be shocked. Get along whilst summer lasts – great chilled live music, food, wine ambience and my photography!

My new website has been up and live for a couple of months now and I’m hoping to get time to update it with more new images soon – check it out and bookmark it or even link it to your site or post/share it on your Facebook or Google+    Tony Middleton – Inspired Landscape Photography.

In the last couple of months I have travelled to the Northern Territory, Tasmania and NSW twice – so I look forward to finalising some of the images from those trips and sharing soon!






‘Approaching storm – NT’

~ by Tony Middleton on January 14, 2013.

3 Responses to “2013 – update…”

  1. So, that’s where you’ve been! Just did a little trip around Tassie myself! great shot here but you need to adjust your settings, when you click on the shot……….same size! All the Best for 2013 Tony!

  2. Nice work on the new site mate, some great shots in there but the elements section was my fav. Can’t wait to see some more images.

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