Lake Eyre dawn thunderstorm…

After a night of thunderstorms whilst camped out at Lake Eyre. In the predawn light I made the trek, walking a few kilometres (much of it through deep sticky and also the water itself) back out to this island to shoot the dawn light hitting this thunderstorm that was tracking over the lake. During the thunderstorms overnight the wind had swung around to the opposite direction since my shoot the previous evening, which out at Lake Eyre means that all the water had moved! The lake is so flat and shallow that when there is water it can be constantly moving about due to wind strength and direction. My first trip to the Lake in 2010 I was amazed at experiencing this. On this occasi0n it was a similar effect as on the coast and the night before being a ‘high tide’ and this dawn being a ‘low tide’ as the water had been pushed towards the other side of the lake! This meant that all my muddy foot prints that were upto a foot below the water surface the night before were now exposed. So I had this to compose out of my dawn shooting images.

‘ Lake Eyre dawn thunderstorm ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on August 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “Lake Eyre dawn thunderstorm…”

  1. Wow Tony, that is some stellar light. Great reflection too!

  2. that would be one hell of an experience for you Tony. very nice shot, I really love the banding in the sand on the island. it drew my eye in wonderfully to that awesome storm build up

  3. Great image Tony, nice reflection and detail. would be great to see this one printed big.

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