Lake abstract # 1…

I’ve finally got half a moment to catch my breath and post on the good old blog – thanks to all of you that follow, enjoy and even comment here. It’s fantastic to see the feedback.

I just spent a couple of weeks in the remote north of South Australia and here is the first new image from the travels for the blog. It’s a bit of an abstract of Lake Eyre. The lake had water for the forth year running, but not as much as the previous two years and is starting to recede/dry up already! It’s a magic place and on this, my third trip there I probably enjoyed it more than ever.

‘ Lake abstract # 1 – Lake Eyre, South Australia’


~ by Tony Middleton on July 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Lake abstract # 1…”

  1. …your imagery is always breathtaking! ~ blessed be!…

  2. Great shot Tony. I didn’t read the blog post first and clicked straight on to the image. I thought I was looking at some kind of salamander or eel type thing in shallow water before I realised this was an aerial shot. Up until the last few years, lake Eyre filling with water was incredibly rare. It’s so great that this phenomenon has repeated itself a few times now in recent years that allow us to go and enjoy the spectacle and capture some amazing images. Love to see more from your time up there.

    • Thanks Sam. Sorry for the slow reply as I’ve been tied up with other things lately. It was great to get back there after my trips in 2010, which saw the water levels much higher and vaster.
      Stay tuned for more images as time permits 🙂

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