Autumn gives way to winter…

The first week of June saw a deluge that lead to widespread flooding across Victoria’s Gippsland region and was quite a phenomenal meteorological event for the breadth of the 24-36hr rainfalls totals (widely 100-270mm across the region). To go with the deluge the system also produced official wind gusts of upto to 145km/h, which brought their own damage across the region. All the major rivers through out Gippsland  reached major flood levels (A region spanning some 400km including all the southern slopes of the Great Divide in the eastern half of the state as well as ranges such as the Strzelecki Ranges).

I shot this image in the valley of Macks Creek in South Gippsland during the middle of the deluge as this area received ~170mm in 24hrs. I felt that seeing these trees still clinging to their last foliage of the autumn season amidst the impeding chaos was an image and a story in itself. The irony of the stock water trough in the left of frame becoming swamped itself is an addition to the scene that I loved including. It was quite a difficult image to compile with driving rain and roaring winds, after much persistence I finally got the result that I had envisaged.

‘ Autumn gives way to winter ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “Autumn gives way to winter…”

  1. Love it Tony, it is truly typical South Gippy! You are amazing!

  2. Nice work Tony, sounds like you did well to get such a nice image in bad conditions.

    • Thanks Ben – it took a while but I also feel that the result is worth it.

  3. Bad conditions can bring out whole new wonders never thought possible. Nice image Tony.

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