I’ve been a bit slow on the blog posts lately, but I’ve also been shooting and working on a number of new images.

This one is from a few weeks ago shot at dawn. This brief, but spectacular display was just prior to us being on the end of 75mm in 10hrs with 100+km/h winds, power outages and flash flooding ( the ground was already well and truly saturated with water table full from 200mm falling in the few weeks prior, combined with large tides). This event was 10days before the larger/more known event that flooded large parts of Gippsland with falls in excess of 200mm in 36hrs and and more winds upto 145km/h.

‘Intensity – Vic’


~ by Tony Middleton on June 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Intensity…”

  1. Very nice Tony, great simplicity!

  2. Cracker rainbow mate!

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