Skeleton forest of the clouds…

I recently spent some time 4WD’ing and camping about in the alps. It was generally -2 to 3C and with the cloud base down to about 1400m the entire time ! So not only did that make it very dull but it also limited opportunities a bit. But having said that it was still an inspiring environment to be in if you took the time and looked around you. This is one of the scenes that I came across on a track graded ‘4×4 very difficult’. The two trees, centre and centre right, really caught my eye and their detail in the full resolution image is pretty cool as they still stand all gnarled and twisted amidst the clouds.

‘Skeleton forest of the clouds’


~ by Tony Middleton on April 28, 2012.

14 Responses to “Skeleton forest of the clouds…”

  1. Quite simply stunning, mister.

  2. Nice eery feel to this one Toneman…could look good as a Black and White as well I reckon!

    • Thanks Mark – I agree and do plan to convert it too 🙂 but I feel that I need to process more of the mega stitches from the trip first I think.

  3. Amazing image Tony!

  4. nice capture Tony

  5. Looks good Tony, very moody and misty! I agree with Mark on the B&W.

    • Hi Tim, Cheers mate and the B&W is definitely what I envisaged before shooting it so it is going to happen when I get some more time 🙂

  6. Hey Tony. Really cool shot. I can’t wait to see it in black and white though.

  7. Cool looking trees in Mist/fog always work well. Muted colours definitely make this feel cold. Great eye Tony!

    • Very true Jeremy, there’s not much else that I could do with so much fog about.

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