seasons of change…

The seasons are well and truly changing down in the south, the balmy evenings are diminishing faster by the week and there is a chill in the air from time to time. With all changes there comes opportunities and although I am a lover of sun and warmth this is no different. I am looking forward to what lies ahead with open arms and vigour.

‘ Prom autumn mists’


~ by Tony Middleton on March 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “seasons of change…”

  1. Tony this is a really lovely shot, and I think large would be even better ;). The soft soft light and the neverending scene really pair nicely. Then to top things off you have some fog speckling throughout the scene which keeps my eyes darting all over the place..

    Wonderful capture!!

    • hi Jeremy – yes it loses a lot in web resizing unfortunately. The fog draining through the river basin at this spot is something that I had wanted to shoot for a number of years so it is one of those personally satisfying images.

  2. We certainly need the seasons of change, to bring fresh challenges. I look forward to seeing what you find 🙂

  3. Its got that cool look to is mate!

    • it certainly was – thankfully we have stolen some of your WA warmth over the last week 🙂

  4. Nice image Tony, I would love to see this printed big so all of the fine details could be appreciated, great work mate!

    • Thanks Ben – Certainly looks better than the little detail visible at this size !

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