Sunbeams of love.

Sunbeams burst out over Bass Strait and Cape Woolamai.

Like Mother nature’s heart strings channelling a maternal love.

Reaching, clasping, encapturing and nuturing all within her reach.

Fortifying the soul before the next onset of wild and turbulent weather lashes down in the coming winter months.

Saviour her warmth and cherish her heart.

For she is special and needs your love too.

‘ Nature’s warming touch ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on March 1, 2012.

20 Responses to “Sunbeams of love.”

  1. beautiful, love this photo and poem; sun rays are so pretty.. ; )

  2. When I saw this image I spontaneously went ”ooohhhhhh”. It touches something in us which your poetic description captures perfectly.

  3. gosh that looks beautiful & warm

  4. Heartwarming words and image Tony.

  5. Nice work Toneman!

  6. Doesn’t get much nicer than that mate. Well done.

  7. Nice one Tony!

  8. Great image and prose Tony!

  9. Lovely

  10. Heavenly! Love the way the rays highlight the ripples in the water.

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