The Golden Light of Summer…

This image is part of a new series that I have been shooting over the last couple of months that I have titled ‘The Golden Light of Summer”. The emphasis is on the the light experienced at this time of year down south. Which is subtly different to that experienced through the other seasons. This particular image looks a lot more impressive at full resolution than this web version with more light and detail visible in the sand and cliff as well as the breaking wave.

“The Golden Light of Summer “


~ by Tony Middleton on February 5, 2012.

18 Responses to “The Golden Light of Summer…”

  1. Look’s great Tony, looking forward to the rest of the series!

  2. Nice work and Golden tones there Toneman! I see where you are going with the series as well…cool!

    • Thanks Shark ! I look forward to getting to shoot more of what I have in mind (already shot a few others).

  3. stunning photo tony

  4. Shot mate, didn’t know that you had a series in mind but is a good idea

    • Cheers AB – yeah it’s something I wanted to work on quite some time ago… Hopefully the season doesn’t finish short and I can get all the images that I want… if not… there’s always next summer !

  5. Gorgeous set! I love the warm tones, and love perusing your blog!

    • Hi Kristy – thank you very much and I hope that you can continue to read and follow me here.

  6. Beauty light Tony! Just got back from a snowshoeing trip, and this warms me up. I like the high view point too, works with the depth of the image nicely.


    • Thanks Jeremy – It’s great to read that it has helped thaw you out. Did you shoot any images on your trip ?

      • Yea I got a few captures that I am happy with – working on a few more still not quite where I want them yet..
        And yes, there is nothing quite like an image of a nice warm sunset to make you wish summer was here 😉

  7. I could fancy the effort in producing an outstanding coastal shot like this one! It’s one brilliant shot : )

  8. That image looks great! I love the colors so warm and peaceful.

    • hi Niki, It was such a lovely warm morning, I'[m glad that came across in the image to you.
      thanks 🙂

  9. Great Jeremy – I’ll pop on over and have a look. (I’ve had very little blog/internet time of late in case you didn’t gather).

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