10 million volts in 30 seconds…

Christmas eve and morning I got possibly one of the best presents ever ! In the form of a spectacular lightning show that literally lasted ALL night and the best thing was I never had to venture more than a few km’s from home!

Here is just one from the night taken with the 50mm 1.4 and uncropped  🙂

‘ 10 million volts in 30 seconds ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on January 11, 2012.

24 Responses to “10 million volts in 30 seconds…”

  1. awesome photo

  2. I am yet to get a lightning strike as EPIC as this. I tried recently however didn’t have such close strike. This is super sharp as well

    • Thanks Adrian – keep at it mate.. and I love the sharpness and clarity of this at full res too 🙂

  3. yeah not too bad mate…….says the jealous prick

  4. thats incredible!

  5. Very nice mate! You have done well not to just have massive blow outs! Some people capture lightning as a white wash :S
    Top stuff!

  6. gone and done it again Tony 🙂

  7. WOW! Fantastic capture Tony!

  8. spectacular Tony! do you shoot at 1.4 for lightning?

  9. One of the best lightning shot I have seen Tony. Great work mate.

  10. Perhaps the most electric lightning shot I have ever seen, certainly the most detailed and finely branched. The colors are gorgeous, and the contrast between the exrtreme energy in the sky and the placid water is riveting.

  11. Fantastic shot! I don’t think i have seen a lightning shot so sharp or with such beautiful colors.

  12. Spectacular shot! I’m horrified at this face of nature sometimes showing its powers : )

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