Noojee Nuke…

The day before christmas saw an increase of instability in the atmosphere across Victoria. This particular storm went up on the ranges and persisted putting up strong updraughts for a couple of hours. At the time of this image it was in the vicinity of the quaint little town of Noojee in West Gippsland.

‘ Noojee nuke ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on January 4, 2012.

20 Responses to “Noojee Nuke…”

  1. Great scene Tone. Awesome cloud structure

  2. the storm christmas day afternoon was crazy! awesome cloud formation

  3. Fantastic image Tony, the chosen focal length is perfect.

  4. Crazy capture Tony, nicely seen. Looks fantastic.


  5. Awesome clouds mate. Its a shame we hardly ever get to see clouds like these ones over there.


    • Thanks Jamie – yeah it’s a bit of a different set up over there.
      All the best in 2012 mate !

  6. sure are pretty cool clouds you got there Tony!
    we’ve actually managed a pretty active storm season here for once! 🙂
    too bad it’s always been while working and not able to actually get out to follow them for a bit. still it’s been fun! 😀
    all the best for the year too

    • thanks Stephen !
      Yes I’ve seen a few rippers from over the west lately – which is great !
      All the best in 2012.

  7. Magnificent, Tony. I see the head of an American Indian chief with a feathered headdress.

  8. It’s a captivating and stimulating shot of landscape beauty! Just love looking at this shot : ) To me it looks like a wonderland.

  9. Very nice!

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