River cows…

Whilst our friends over in SW WA appear to be experiencing a conditions touch on the hot and dry side lately  (truly unfortunate and our thoughts to those losing homes/property in recent bushfires), over here in the SE it is still quite the opposite. We had another drenching system through Victoria in the last couple of days with falls of upto 150mm in parts of the state (see Andrew Brown’s image from this morning).

I shot this image last week in Sth Gippy on my way to my mother’s house. Best we make the most of it (like the grass is growing!) as in a couple of months time we too will more than likely be feeling the dry pinch of summer as well !

‘ River cows ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on November 27, 2011.

10 Responses to “River cows…”

  1. Fantastic shot!

  2. calming scene mate

  3. Nice work Tony!

  4. This is a beauty edge of nature. Its colors and the animals and your take of them. Fantastic shot 🙂

  5. Tony,

    It will be officially winter here in Ohio in about 2 weeks, but it’s already freezing cold. Very much appreciated all the GREEN. The shot reminds me of a pastoral English countryside.

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