The awakening…

This gorgeous rural scene is enlightened with the barn being kissed to life by the rising sun’s warming touch. The barn wakes from it’s slumber amidst evocatively dancing mists.

‘ The awakening ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on October 12, 2011.

20 Responses to “The awakening…”

  1. Really nice calm image Tony.. A couple of great shots back to back!! Warm soft light is a bonus here.


    • hi Jeremy,
      They certainly are at different ends of the meteorological spectrum with totally different moods and ambience. Thanks for your ongoing support of my work – it’s much appreciated mate.

  2. Beautiful Tone…nicely done mate!

  3. Wow mate. That is a truly beautiful scene.

  4. i like your descripition just as much as i like the photo Tony
    great photo

  5. Veeerry nice Tony!

  6. Tony,

    Your description is as poetic as the photo is beautiful.


  7. Fantastic image with great mood Tony.

  8. beautiful image man. perfect light, great composition- wonderfully blended together. as with rainforests, these images are often so hard to get but you manage to get them spot on time after time. despite there being plenty of space- quite often there are still so many elements that the image becomes very busy very easily. also it’s pretty hard to spot these compositions while on the road lol. great stuff 🙂

  9. Oh WOW Tony, just stunning.

  10. Beautiful!

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