Within the whale’s mouth…

A severe thunderstorm with a spectacular shelf cloud and gustfront lashes Evans head on the NSW north coast. This panoramic image was taken just as the shelf cloud had passed over and revealing what is sometimes known as ‘the whale’s mouth’ due to its structural appearance from underneath and inside the gustfront to the storm’s core. The core of the storm follows shortly after with torrential rain, hail and severe winds.

‘ Within the whale’s mouth ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on October 10, 2011.

26 Responses to “Within the whale’s mouth…”

  1. Wow Tony that is such a cool shot. Great detail and drama. It would’ve been awesome seeing it develop.


    • Thanks Jamie – yeah that was a pretty good day and one to remember that is for sure !

  2. What a cracker Tony, that sky is amazing!

  3. Breathtaking shot!

  4. Nice work Stormboy

  5. Great capture, you must have nerves of steel hanging about under those things, especially with the 5D around the neck.

    • Thanks Tom – no nerves out in the field mate, I love been amidst the elements, as for the 5DII… it has no choice 🙂

  6. wow tony that is a killer shot i love storms and cloud’s so this is the perfect shot for me mate

  7. WOW…. mate thats insane… i have always wanted a shot like this… top work!!!

  8. Nice, Evans Head was my second home as a kid. We use to take Cardboard and slide down those dunes. This shot stirs up some emotions.

  9. Great sky Tony. Love the drama in that image.. Great work!!


  10. I missed this one somehow Toneman…waycool cloud and capture!

  11. What a dramatic sky! –John

  12. pretty amazing shot as all your storm photos are Tony. surely the weather bureau is wanting some of these! 🙂 love the blues through the cloud

  13. Amazing shot, what a wicked storm.

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