Autumn @ the ‘G’

Taken at the MCG  (Melbourne Cricket Ground) on a wet Sunday morning in early Autumn. It’s pretty hard to try and collaborate this great stadium with some of its beautifully treed walkways in one image from ground level.The surrounding roads,infrastructure and machinery works meant I had to slightly compromise and tweak the composition a little, but I think it still portrays the scene and emotion of the MCG in a more tranquil setting and mood.  Here I patiently waited until a morning walker entered the frame to add a juxtaposed feeling of solitude and scale to the scene. Which is somewhat of a different ‘face’ to the millions of fans that pack this great modern day coliseum every year.

The night before I had been to the ground and watched two old Aussie rules football clubs battle it out. My team the Carlton Blues are nearing 150 yrs old. Whilst clubs such as Melbourne and Geelong have been around more than 150 yrs making them amongst the oldest football clubs of any sort still in existance today – quite amazing when you think how ‘young’ our European colonisation is in Australia, and that this is a sport that we invented !

‘ Autumn @ the ‘G’

~ by Tony Middleton on October 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “Autumn @ the ‘G’”

  1. Great to see a different image to norm Tone. I think you’ve done The G on an autumn day’s justice here,

  2. Hey Tony, this is not your usual subject matter but its a real nice capture. The addition of the person walking is an excellent choice, and the colours are great. Its funny that you posted the description to go along with this image, as I was thinking this past year that we have been getting a lot of AFL coverage (compared to normal). Not sure how they choose the games that will be shown, but we have got a few of the Collingwood and Hawthorne matches, including the final between Geelong and Collingwood. So now folk like me up in the opposite side of the world have some context :). Nice work!!

    • hi Jeremy,
      That’s awesome that you guys are getting AFL over there ! It could be a difficult game to pick up if you haven’t grown up with it and only seen it on tv. Seeing the game live where you get an appreciation of the fitness and enormity of it definitely helps. Players running upto 20kms in a full contact multi directional game on a large oval.
      Thanks for the comment and feedback 🙂

  3. nice shot T

  4. A great celebration of fall color. Stunning when viewed full-screen. –John

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