rainforest beauty

Exploring deep in the wet cool temperate rainforest gullies amidst persistent rain holds some benefits. The lushness of this perfect natural garden that no money in the world could build was a sight and experience for anyone with an inkling of appreciation of the natural world. It was a wonderful day – Thanks to Andrew Brown and his family for having me.

Another version of this scene can be viewed HERE.

‘ Rainforest beauty ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on September 29, 2011.

22 Responses to “rainforest beauty”

  1. Very true Toneman….only Nature knows how to properly create such scenes!

  2. Beautifully said Tone…

  3. Wow, so vibrant and green great vision. I like the line of the stream in the square version better, but I am a sucker for a pano and this one still draws you in and holds you there great. Great work!!


    • Hi Jeremy – yeah it’s a wickedly vibrant forest, especially in the wet ! I’m with you on the two compositions (hence I have linked the other)

  4. That’s beautiful. Great work!

  5. beautiful Tony, stunning image. you’ve definitely done it justice i think. would love to hear the flowing creek, it would be wonderful sitting along side it 😀

    • hey Stephen – yeah some audio would be wicked with the creek flowing and bird calls (including lyre birds) ahh……
      cheers mate !

  6. The title sums it it up nicely, great shot mate!

  7. Nice scene mate, Sat would have been another good day to shoot there…..

  8. Stunning photo Tony. I just love those glistening leaves.

    • hey Jamie – cheers mate. Everything was either glistening or dripping with all the rain.

  9. The image has a lovely feeling to it!

  10. I LOVE rainforests, the shots you can get in them are just awesome, just like this one. Great shot.

    • They can also be very challenging to shoot with so much ‘clutter’ about. Thanks as always 🙂

  11. Hello, wonder if that’s ok to use your photos for websites. Group of people building a non-profit site about plants.

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