Hills of colour…

A third visit to this particular  location saw this tulip field in complete bloom. A vast and vibrant display that can simply be surmised as gorgeously pretty. I’ve shot this particular one as a 5:4 ratio to simplify the composition from other distracting elements.

‘ Hills of colour ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on September 26, 2011.

15 Responses to “Hills of colour…”

  1. An absolutely dynamite shot, Tony. The brilliantly colored foreground against the muted sky and tree is magical!

  2. Wow Tony I like this one , although not keen on the tree.

    I’m sure there is a stack of compositions there.

    Lets see some more mate.

  3. It’s workin for me Tony. Colour and a lone tree.. Bang on exposure, looks great!.

  4. nice find mate, these fields are pretty hard to come by these days 😉 well processed

  5. i love tulips, i want to grow them in our yard but apparently they are really difficult plants .. so i’m not sure they’ve survive
    beautiful shot, such vibrancy

    • Great Chloe ! I’d still say get a few bulbs and give them a go.
      Thanks for your support as always. 🙂

  6. So vivid and vibrant. I’m totally amazed!

  7. Gorgeous colours Tony.

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