Line up…

With a nice deep low pressure system in the ‘Bight’ (979hPa) a solid swell has been pushed into the southern coast. Also there has been a high pressure system stalled in the Tasman sea just off the NSW coast the last few days, this has been advecting some unseasonal warmth to the south – today it got to 23C in the midst of winter in southern Victoria – yes, warmer than parts of Qld today (!) To go with this warmth the wind has been northerly – wonderfully grooming this solid new swell. Reefs and points working nicely on the island this arvo with sets around the 8ft mark. No one made it back out in time for this set…

‘ Line up ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on August 3, 2011.

13 Responses to “Line up…”

  1. Hey Tony, perfect timing mate. what is it 8ft on the sets. If im wrong Markie Mark will certainly let me know, Hi Mark hahaha !

  2. Sorry tone didn’t read your text just went straight for the comment and I see you estimated the same height so I cant be that off the mark!!

  3. Hey Adrian – all good mate and spot on with sets around the 8ft mark. I’ve got some other images with guys on them. This spot is a pretty heavy break and gnarly take off, one of my favourite for watching/shooting!

  4. Nice shot Tony, almost looks like the second wave is crashing over the first.

  5. Nice set dude

  6. Damn. I wish we got surf like that here that is so big and close to the shore.

    • hey Jamie,
      Yeah this spot is pretty special to be able to shoot such a wicked wave from the shore, not many spots like that down here either..

  7. awesome photo, i like your choice of conversion to b&w

  8. Now there’s a solid line up for sure mate!

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