Birds only…

An old decommissioned jetty is now just a safe haven for bird life of all sorts.

‘Birds only ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on July 20, 2011.

14 Responses to “Birds only…”

  1. That’s cool mare! A picture with a story!

  2. Nice! love the banner too!!!

    • Welcome to my blog, I appreciate your comment and think that it’s great that you like them both 🙂

  3. nice arty little number there mate.

  4. Nice shot Tony, always smile when I see a ‘no entry’ sign that people can easily get past!

    • Thanks Tim – yeah I know what you are saying, quite funny isn’t it. This one would be a bit harder than it may look and it is more to stop people getting out there fishing on an unmaintained structure I guess…. (?)


  5. Nice one Tony!

  6. nice isolate feel to this one, beautiful processing

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