Walk on the wild side…

This spectacular gustfront was surging across Westernport bay and engulfing all before it, including French Island. I had very little time to set up and compose this image, in fact this was the only set of images I got of it before lashing gale force winds and heavy rain sent me scurrying for my vehicle.

‘ Walk on the wild side ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on July 17, 2011.

19 Responses to “Walk on the wild side…”

  1. Very dramatic scene Tone, scary but exciting I bet.

  2. Cool shot mate! That storm front looks a bit like my Bigge island shot!

    • Thanks Mark, I see what you mean as both have become what is known as ‘outflow dominant’.

  3. storms can be so scary
    did you feel the mini earth quake last week? – my desk shook O_o

    • hi Chloe, Some certainly can have some bite to them. That is a pretty active fault line down this way so the odd tremor has happened a bit over the last few years 🙂


  4. Mean looking mutha of a front! Good shot Tony!

  5. This is awesome, Tony!

  6. That is just so cool Tony, the storm front looks amazing.

    • HI Andrea – You gotta love it when your efforts are rewarded with something as photogenic as this 🙂

  7. Wonderful image. You can really see the tension in the air from the storm

    • Hi Maria,
      Welcome to my blog – great analogy and thanks for taking the time to stop by with this comment 🙂

  8. hey man, that is a spectacular image. Love it! 😀

    • hey Stephen – great to see you out from hibernation…. I thought this one may also appeal to you 🙂

      • yeah it’s been a while hey. been a very hectic year so far, hopefully will start to settle down a bit soon lol. got some shots I’ve got to try and get up on my own blog, hard enough just to view the blogs of others lately haha. i tried 3 times to get stuck into yours but there were too many great pics I needed to have more time to go over them haha

  9. love that cloud, just need a nice foreground now mate!

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