Summer sun…

This one is an old 6×17 velvia transperancy, taken years ago down the prom. Some gorgeous late afternoon light illuminating a coastal cliff face against a deep summer sky.

‘ Summer sun ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on July 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “Summer sun…”

  1. The light is stunning, very nice!

  2. Wow! Mind blowing color 🙂

  3. Tony just incredible. Beautiful image.

  4. meeeeep, so contrasty & bright & wow!
    pure gold, nice angle

  5. just incredible colour range, all complementing each other so nicely.
    the earthy reds are amazing, the soothing blues of that water contrasts it perfectly. then to balance it up with the greens on the far hill. great work man

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