infinity bridge…

Something a bit different from recent posts of all that lovely wilderness and warm light.

‘ Infinity bridge ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 30, 2011.

15 Responses to “infinity bridge…”

  1. Perfect symetry mate!

  2. My sort of image Tony, I really like the cracks on the left side

  3. Super cool Tony!!!

  4. Very intriguing image mate, gets you looking right into it.

  5. Just beautiful Tony!

  6. Brilliant.

  7. Great shot Tony.. Liking those crack as well!

  8. well i’ll be honest, this was very much a hhhmmm image when I saw it small. but when viewed large very much turned to a wow! wondering if it could benefit from a more square crop? get rid of some of the space either side, for me it kept dragging my attention. the columns and then the foggy distance was the part that got me, felt very surreal looking at it. not sure if you tried it and it didn’t work- but just my thoughts anyway 🙂

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