trails of the night…

Long day, I’m tired tonight, so this is another post pretty light on words… Apparently a picture tells a thousand words – so here’s one from a freezing evening in the alps…

‘ trails of the night ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 29, 2011.

14 Responses to “trails of the night…”

  1. Beautiful Toneman…love the light sticks in the foreground….maybe you could ‘pop’ them a bit more? But awesome image mate. Cuddles from the West! 🙂

    • hey Mark – thanks mate, to be honest I processed this one a couple of months ago so I can’t recall off the top of my head what I did, but thanks for the idea and I’ll try to find some time to have a look at that idea.

  2. Tony, this is awesome!

  3. Your photos express nature’s beauty so well that one feels like they are at the scene themself (to me anyway).
    The rocks in the centre seems to accentuate the depth of the shot which i think highlights the foreground vegetation as well as the distant ranges in the background, and by the rocks protruding above the horizon level the sky has a lot of ‘height’. Gee I hope that makes sense.
    amazing light too.

    • hi Mat,
      You express yourself and the emotions the images evoke so very well. Your comments are always such a pleasure to read.
      Thanks for your support,
      tone 🙂

  4. Amazing lighting and foreground detail Tony.

  5. Reminiscent of the most incredible meteor shower (Leonid..I think) one chilly night back in 2001 (again…I think). Almost like a water color, rather than a photo (and I mean that as a compliment!!)

    • Hi Carmel – I know the exact one you mean, I also recall freezing my butt off at some stupid hour waiting to see the Leonids.
      tone 🙂

  6. Great work as usual mate! Always coming up with rippers!

  7. Im having a blast! My blog has never copped such a thrashing! haha

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