lakeside frosts…

A very frosty morning has the shoreline vegetation crisply frozen. The rising sun warms the water surface forcing mist to rise.

‘ Lakeside transitions ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on June 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “lakeside frosts…”

  1. love it; my eyes keep dancing on the icey water & the fog

  2. Oooo. Like the mistiness and the intensity of the grass in the foreground. Nice shot Tony!

  3. Hey Tone, really like the vertical layers in the foliage in this image.
    Also the misty fisherman image is one my all time favs of yours great image indeed.
    Cheers Adrian

    • hey Adrian,
      Glad you like them both mate – thanks for commenting about it 🙂
      tone 🙂

  4. Nice crisp image Tony, lots to look at.

  5. Cool image Tone, I’ve seen photos of this lake with a tractor on it….frozen solid. That was early 1900’s so it doesn’t get that cold any more…….

    • Hey AB – yeah that would be amazing to see (esp as it’s mainland Aust !)

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