highplain drifter…

Some magical, yet very brief light on the Victorian highplains. Winds were strong across this plain and had blown most of the exposed snow away in little ‘snow devil’ type vortices. The temps were around -4C with 50 + km/h winds, suffice to say I sought shelter pretty quickly !

‘ highplain drifter ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on June 21, 2011.

13 Responses to “highplain drifter…”

  1. That is some nice light there mate, I like the composition a lot! Great work Tony.

    • thanks Ben – Not too much to work with there and under those conditions in that time frame so I’m stoked you like it mate.

  2. Nice mate, great light.

  3. great photograph T

  4. Like it Mate!

  5. Love the colours.

  6. Lovely shot Tony, it’s just I don’t know, soft and simple or something. I just can’t describe how it makes me feel but it’s just really nice.

    • hi Andrea – thanks very much for commenting on this one. I think it’s sort of warm but cold, warm due to the light and tones, yet frigid due to the snow and environment… My thoughts anyway…


  7. incredible light Tony. fantastic composition too. the warm light contrasts the cool snow creating a surreal image

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