mist fishing…

The atmosphere this week in the far south of the country has at times had an extra bit of colour in the twilights due to the particles left over from the Chilean Puyehue volcano eruption.

On this particular morning the pastel glows were brilliant, I was also fortunate enough to score this incredible mist and fog making it’s way out to sea. The mist descending over and down the dunes before billowing up over the surf was spectacular. I’m not sure if any of these guys were catching anything more than the sniffles and some mist !

‘ mist fishing ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 15, 2011.

24 Responses to “mist fishing…”

  1. Kencool shot mate Kenay! 🙂

  2. I had to make some use of those pesky littering fishos ! 😉


  3. You could have cut em up for burley mate, but using them as foreground interest was probably a better option and it would save you from playing nurses with some big fella in jail as well!

    • haha – true, it’s probably ‘just’ those few thousand bad apples doing the wrong/careless thing…

  4. Nice work mate, the mist on the surf is awesome!

  5. cool how the fog appears to be ‘flowing’ down the dunes Tone. I like how you’ve captured the fishermen in it too, it seems to give the shot some extra context which I think compliments the fog really well An enlargement of this shot would be great to see.

    • hi Mat,
      It really was flowing down, clearly visible with the naked eye. The fishos had put that many footprints on the beach from fishing all night (an angling club was down) that including them in the shot had to be done.

  6. Cool stuff Tony!

  7. That is an impressive photo. I was in Melbourne last weekend so I missed all this.

    • Thanks Ben – plenty of cool mists about all week, this one was during the week.

  8. Yep, another cracking image mate. You’re on fire at present

  9. Brilliant photo…….what …..am I doing in front of the computer ? ..thats it I’m digging the tinnie out this weekend, blow the dust off the fishing rods and heading up the Kalgan River…..Thanks Tony for getting me motivated to go do a little fishing…Kind Regards John

    • G’day John,
      That’s awesome that my image has inspired you to get out fishing mate, all the best and goodluck. Let me know how it goes.

  10. Unusual and very cool image Tony, you were definately in the right place!

  11. Now that is freakin cool.

  12. Wicked!

  13. freek….in…. in… credible!!!! love this one. speechless twice in a night lol

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