Frozen trees…

This is a recent image from up in the alps. A temperature range for several days between -2C and -5C left these trees caked in ice. The setting sun briefly glistened across the scene as a snow shower passes in the background – a moment of apparent warmth in a frozen world.

‘ Frozen trees ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on June 14, 2011.

14 Responses to “Frozen trees…”

  1. Great shot Toneman…likin it mate!

    • Cool Mark – cheers mate.

      One could say it was pretty frikken bitter with -4C and 50k winds at this spot putting the windchill well into the negative teens !

  2. Well worth it mate! It could have been worse I guess…I could have been standing next to you freezing my tits off as well!

    • haha – that would have made both of us not standing out there for long ! (unlike 10km’s of hiking the following morning…)

  3. Nice Tony, I think the background grey/blue really compliments the foreground.

  4. nice photo, it has a cool (cold) feeling too it
    i do like the colour of the trees

    • hi Chloe,
      I know what you are saying Chloe, it has a warm tone but still remains a coldish image.

  5. Very nice.

  6. Nice!

  7. Yep, nice work Tone.

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