I was going to write a lot more about this image, but after a great night at the theatre – Cabaret’s closing night and after party – my creative writing juices are nowhere to be found !
Well done everyone at WTG  ‘Cabaret’ – brilliant in every way. Good luck at the state Guild awards.

Consequently, after last night I feel that a calming, warm image for the blog is well and truly in order for this post. Also having spent a fair bit of time shooting in the mountains lately, brings me to this contrasting image below…. ahhh  –  the tranquility of this.

‘ Tranquility ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 12, 2011.

10 Responses to “Tranquility…”

  1. Very sweet image mate. I love the way the jetty guides our eyes out to the boat. Those pink hues are sensational.


    • Thanks Jamie – it took a bit of preparation and precarious work to get this exact composition.

  2. Very tranquil Tony, fantastic color and reflection. Nice work again mate!

  3. Shame that it wasn’t calm……..;)

    Corker mate, I’m sure that this image will pop it’s head up soon…..

  4. Yet another ripper mate!

  5. Nice shot. Lovely color!

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