Bathed in light…

Not only is this view absolutely spectacular, it’s even more magic in conditions like this. Some of my fellow blog followers out there may know this spot well, and you will well know of the hang gliding take off ramp here. You can see the ramp in this image… This particular dawn it had an extremely thick coating of ice on it which gave it a real intriguing but deadly allure to it ! (it’s only about 800m vertical drop)

‘ Bathed in light ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on June 9, 2011.

11 Responses to “Bathed in light…”

  1. Very nice tony, great lighting and depth.

    • thanks Ben – it certainly gives a bit more of an insight into the earlier image.

  2. Nup, not familiar with this scene 😉

    I think that I was actually in the fog at that time on that day…..

    Love the detail that you’ve managed to pull out of the fog. Only one thing to improve this image……some mad prick sliding down the ramp.

  3. oooarr, beautiful & intriguing
    jealous you constantly get to see these awesome places

  4. Very nice!

  5. Fantastic.. Just fantastic.. everything seems to work together here, light, clouds, and the cliff is great..

    • thanks jeremy – it’s a fantastic spot and after a few visits I was finally rewarded.

  6. pretty sweet mate. amazing light on those rocks, the fog is awesome. love being above the clouds/fog in the mountains! 🙂

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