Sub tropical saturation…

I love all sorts of rainforests, its the verdancy with which everything grows with. They may be made up of predominantly hues of green and some red-brown, but it’s the sheer variety of these colours that is astounding. Add some showers of rain and the colour saturation is amazing !

‘ Springbrook cascades ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on May 13, 2011.

12 Responses to “Sub tropical saturation…”

  1. Great colours. I like the bottom half best, would be interesting to see a crop of that.

    • hi Rifqi,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting – it’s much appreciated. I’ve got a couple of pano’s focussing more on the stream that I’ll look at working on when I get a chance.

  2. I love the blues and the greens together, beautiful!

  3. very beautiful Tony, amazing greens but a very captivating water course to go with it

    • Thanks Stephen, yeah trying to incorporate both magic elements of the place here…

  4. Nice one mate I love these shots.

  5. I so love rainforest shots Tony, can’t wait to go back to Cairns to get some more. Great shot.

  6. Yeah i like it.

    Love to see a pano of it.

    • Cool Merv ! I’ll have to get around to putting up a pano from here when I get a chance.

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