Sailing the sea of clouds…

Sometimes you can almost drift away and become removed from reality… The light was fleeting and the scene was sublime…

‘ let’s disappear into the sea of clouds ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on May 12, 2011.

24 Responses to “Sailing the sea of clouds…”

  1. Lovely image!

  2. Very nice Tone, has got me drifting away from reality

  3. That is quite mesmerizing and you can get really drawn into this one Tony.

  4. What a great shot Tony. I just love those reflections.


  5. Like it Tony,nicely processed as well!

  6. Wow this shot is sooo nice Tony, love the cloud reflections and another cute little jetty, sorry you guys probably don’t like me saying cute but oh well LOL 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with ‘cute’ Andrea 🙂 Though I would normally find a puppy, or pretty woman or similar cute… not a jetty 🙂
      cheers for stopping by again,

  7. Wow, impressive reflection even with the waves. Pretty scene and wonderfully exposed. Starting to get some colour in the trees too it looks like!!..

    Nicely done Tony.


    • hi Jeremy,
      Those minor ripple are the artefact of a small tinny (aluminium fishing boat) that went past 10minutes earlier. The colour in the trees in the background is from the golden light of sunset on the eucalypts. We don’t have many native deciduous trees over here, with most of our forests being eucalypt dominant.

      tone 🙂

  8. This one makes you look twice Tony, good stuff.

  9. Nah don’t like it Toneman…its too good! 😦

  10. Nice one Tony, the reflection add nice depth.

  11. Love it!

  12. Hey Tone,

    Love this one mate! Messed with my head looking at it first – that’s the stuff I love about photography!


    • G’day Dan,
      haha – I think I’m glad it messed with your head… 😉 Great to read your comment mate !

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