Moody blues…

You don’t always need glorious warm and coloured light to make a scene look great. I love moody skies like this, the textured undulated base of this cloud deck was one of those twilight setups where the clouds almost appear a steel blue colour. This helps create an image packed with mood in my opinion.

‘ Moody blues ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on May 10, 2011.

14 Responses to “Moody blues…”

  1. very nice sharp straight lines T & very moody indeed
    i also really like your photo in ‘lost’

    • hi Chloe,
      Spot on – the full size image is razor sharp and the detail in the jetty is wicked. Thanks for the ‘like’ on Lost too 🙂

  2. Yep, like the mooody stuff mate. Variety is the key. Still has an feel of tranquility about it though

    • Thanks AB ! yeah I feel this one has a special mix of mood and tranquility/serenity.

  3. Hey Tone nice mate very nice indeed
    Love the white pillars as well as the boatGreat contrast in bold “Moody” colours
    Also what is it with you and I posting similar titles. I have just put one up with Winter Blues

    Great minds my friend Great minds !!

    • Hey Adrian – thanks mate, I’ll have to pop over for a look at your post now ! The bizarre thing is I shot this about a month ago and put it up tonight and you have your post and also ben Messina put up a dawn shot from this morning with similar tones…. *freaky* !

  4. I agree with Adrian on this one Tony, little too much blue in the clouds for my personal taste but it would need a new title then!

    • hey Tim, no saturation done to the clouds here mate, pretty much how it was – grey/steel blue… quite magic !

  5. Wicked image Tony, the reflection and the blues work really well together.

    • hey Ben – yeah thanks mate, I think they were bouncing off and intensifying each other or something… I wasn’t complaining cos it looked awesome !

  6. I agree with you Tony, the blues look amazing. Great little jetty too.

  7. You could change the cloud colour and call the image, moody almost blues! 🙂

    Its a yup dude!

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