heavens above…

What do you do when it’s night time, below zero degrees and you are 1500m+ ASL up in the Victorian alps ? ?

Photography of course !  It never stops and opportunities are only limited by one’s own creativity and imagination. The streaks across the night sky are airliners on the Sydney/Melbourne route which is actually the 4th busiest flight path in the world !

‘ heavens above ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on May 6, 2011.

18 Responses to “heavens above…”

  1. Wow Tony, that looks so cool. Do you mind me asking you how you did your star trails? Did you blend different shots together to get so many or is it one really long exposure? I haven’t tried star trails yet and I’m really keen to have a go.

    • hi Andrea,
      This one is simply a longer exposure, it doesn’t really have to be very long to show movement. Though quite different to al my other star trail shots which were shot ona 6×17 with exposure lengths around 8hrs !

  2. Ripper Tony.

  3. Wow Tony, nice job on the foreground light.

  4. Looks good mate, did you light paint the foreground?

  5. Very Cool Tone!

  6. Beautiful work Tony, well done.

  7. i love star trails, they are awesome
    how long was this exposure? this is something i want to try this year 🙂

    • hi Chloe,
      This one is just a single exposure with some light painting as well. Get out there and have a go sometime 🙂
      thanks 🙂

  8. PS – you’re photo is awesome (forgot to say that in my above comment, lol)

  9. Ken…eh mate! Schweeet!

    How long was the exposure bud?

    • hey mate,
      Without checking it was about 10min…long time for digi…. but sub zero temps help keep the sensor cool etc…then some noise/HP reduction in PP and the full res file is sweet !

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