Parhelia or ‘Sun dogs’ can be seen as light hits ice crystals in the higher level and cold cirrus clouds. They can vary in colour and intensity but are always ~22º from the sun (possibly to either side) and ~22º from the ground.  In Australia this phenomena is more common in the mainland’s higher latitudes in the colder months. On this occasion I witnessed this great pair in the Victorian alps. The sun was level and 22ºto the centre of these two images, I took these as individual images as they didn’t peak at this intensity simultaneously.


‘ Parhelia – Sun dogs – Alpine Victoria ‘

~ by Tony Middleton on May 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Parhelia…”

  1. Waycool shots there Toneman!



    • You were quick mate ! 2 images for the price of one here – rare commodity on this blog…

  2. I often see them over the ocean here in Sydney. Great capture and wonderful Blog. Glad I found you!

    • Welcome aboard Samantha – I hope you continue to read and enjoy it. You have some wonderful work in your own portfolios.


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