An icy morning up in the alps left not only the the pools in this high plain frozen but also my fingers and toes. Whilst cold climates bring a complete environment and beauty of their own, I’m darn sure my body prefers heat !

**Unfortunately this one looks like it is a victim of the ‘shitty wordpress thumbnail conversion’ – view it larger for a much better version.

‘ frozen plain ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on April 26, 2011.

17 Responses to “Frozen…”

  1. Now thats a nice location. Great exposure to of the rock face. I have added another version of Crystal Springs for you mate It is far better a little lighter so thanks for the tip cheers Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian – spot on mate, it’s a pretty awesome spot ! The re-edit looks great too.

  2. Man that is one sharp shot!!! Nice one Tone.

  3. great perspective. I like how the top of the rock has sunlight on it which contrasts beautifuly with the frosty foreground.

    • Hey Mat – yeah it really adds a sense of warmth and hope to a frozen world, which also is why I composed the image with it reflecting on the frozen pools.
      Did you happen to ring up ABC footy talkback on Monday ?


      • “…..a sense of warmth and hope in a frozen world” – great quote Tone. quotes like that combined with such beautiful imagery can be a real and effective inspiration to people. Like, no matter how cold or grim things may seem, it’s only a matter of time till warmth, light and life emerge or return. I think your photos of nature and it’s processes can display and convey principles like that really well.
        ………..Oh, nah it wasn’t me on the radio but i do listen to it sometimes d:)

  4. That is sooo opposite to what we have over here mate!

    Up until today we have had almost no rain since spring and the temperatures have been way hot.

    The water at Rottnest even last weekend was such that you could easily surf in boardies and we are nearly in May!

    Cool image mate!

    • Certainly is mate – though the days have been clear sunny low 20’s for about a week now. Always colder in the alps and ~1600m ASL such as in this image. Stop teasing about SST’s 😉

  5. oh and now i’m missing mountains even more…. thanks Tony…. haha. funny that I say that from the most “mountainous” region of WA lol.

    love it, those grasses covered in frost are amazing. the lil hint of colour in that reflection brings up the foreground nicely.

    and true about the thumbnail. looks soft as hey! so annoying when it does that

    • Hey Stephen,
      You are in a pretty scenic and awesome region as you know. The high country of Vic is quite a contrast to say the least ! This ice encrusted alpine flora look awesome at full res mate 🙂

  6. like it Tony, buuut for some reason that RH sunlit peak seems to clash to me. If it had a more orange hue it would fit better perhaps.

    • Hey Tim – yeah it was a bit hard to balance the range in the scene as you may well imagine, I’m yet to get some Lee grads again and this was a case where I was cursing it…

  7. Fantastic Tony. Everything looks so still and frozen. The vegetation looks really crunchy. Love this shot!

    • Thanks Dave – you are spot on about it being still and frozen. Looks great full size 🙂

  8. Nice crisp image here mate

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